Polyrhythmic Synth Jam With KREOL 808

Sunday Synth Jam: KREOL 808 – an electronic project created by Ocean Indian musicians – shared this propulsive polyrhythmic jam, Zok. 

Here’s what they have to say about KREOL 808:

The meeting of creole electronic musicians & producers in order to create a Métis music, a mix between machines and roots, tropical groove and southern synthesizers. We’re proposing an electronic journey in the Indian Ocean, a crossing from the coast of Malabars to Mozambique, for a modern transposition of our traditional rhythms, like the tsapiky of Madagascar or the Sega of Mauritius Island.

We’re trying to create an imaginary music continent, with samples coming from the Muslim chants of the archipelago of the Comoros or the Tamil ceremonies of Reunion Island. An ode to the nature of our islands, a trek through are beautiful landscapes from the black sand beaches to the steep mountain tops, sweating inside the lush forests or drying in the desert of the svolcanic plateaus, our creations are inspired by the endemic fauna and flora as well as the urban contrast between creole hut and the modern buildings of our cities.

KREOL 808 is working on releasing their first EP in late 2017. You can follow their work via their Facebook page.