How To Create A Live Set Using Korg Volcas

In this video, via PMTVUK, Korg UK Product Specialist Luke Edwards demonstrates how to create a live set using Korg Volcas.

He demos the entire Korg Volca series, with an emphasis on live performance and working with multiple Volca devices. 

Edwards’ rig includes:

  • Korg Volca Beats
  • Korg Volca Kick
  • Korg Volca FM
  • Korg Volca Sample
  • Korg Volca Bass
  • Korg Volca Keys

If you’re using Volcas for live performance, leave a comment and let us know what you’re doing!

11 thoughts on “How To Create A Live Set Using Korg Volcas

  1. Wow, instant rave-in-a-box. I prefer playing full-sized keys, but I’ve also liked my share of modules. This setup is a bit EDM-first in its configuration, but its also a powerhouse for ambient or Hawkwind effects. The FM model Volca will accept old DX-7 data and as punchy as most FM sounds are, the three-note polyphony feels like less of a limitation. That’s only one variant and a nice deal if you just want a small handful of FM for color. Someone was bound to cram these into one box, but I don’t see Korg doing so. You’ll have to build your own Frankenbox. Classy demo, BTW.

    1. Each has a midi input, so you can play on full size keys. Also, they hook into a new Electribe’s CV sync or it’s MIDI quite nicely. KORG for the win!!!

  2. I have a box with three volcas, a mono tribe, and two Meeblips. I was kid of hoping this video would show a live performance in the making, to see how others are using their kit, but this was more of a demonstration of the individual units. The title is definitely misleading. Anyway, I don’t use the sync ports, I sync them all with midi. And to be honest, it helps to sequence patterns with an external sequencer, as most of the volcas are limited to eight steps.

  3. Also… Korg, if you’re listening…

    You need to update the firmware on the first 3 units (Beats, Bass, Keys) to have Global Parameter #8 that the newest 3 units have. This is for the “Sync input/output unit”. It is a very simple thing that would allow for something huge. Doing so means that you could use either the Kick or Sample as the first unit in the chain, and the rest could not only listen to tempo, but would also conform to the swing setting as well. The FM works this way… It’s time to add it to the first 3 units.

  4. Really excellent and informative video…

    Havent used them in a while
    Im bringing them back out!!!

    they are really powerful little synths that are fun to play and capable of usable and interesting sounds/beats/sequences.

  5. I have the keys, sample and FM. They’re great fun and mostly underrated for sonic potential (for the money especially).

    For a live rig like this, it would be a dream if they supported remote transpose and program change messages to switch patterns. You could then clock a beatstep (or something) to it at, say, 1/4 tempo and use it make chord progressions that would get picked up by all of the sequencers. Or a simple phone app that could send program change messages and had a mini keyboard for global transposition or…

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