9 thoughts on “Yamaha DX7 – The Synthesizer that Defined the ’80s

    1. I think What’s Love was done on a DX9 according to a Classic Tracks article in SOS. Still… same technology. I would also say there is an argument that the Kronos has a more powerful FM implementation, as does the FS1r, which pairs the Montage engine with some interesting noise and formant stuff.

      I loved the video but agree there are a few inaccuracies. The overall vibe is great and it was put together with love, no doubt.

  1. The dollar had twice the value of our currency those days…it was about $2500 or so. I could only arrange 1250,- as teenager (and i wasnt spoiled with having rich parents). Otherwise i would have one in the 80’s instead of a DSR1000.

  2. Ohh .. one more thing, the Whitney Houston example in this video is using a DynoMy Fender Rhodes .. not a DX7 .. just sayin …..

  3. Corrections to incorrect information: 1) John Chowning did not license FM to Yamaha. Stanford University, Chowning’s employer did. 2) The DX-7 was NOT the first programmable synthesizer. It was the first made by Yamaha. The New England Digital Synclavier 2 had FM and was out years before the DX-7.

      1. I didn’t quite state it correctly. The DX-7 was not the first programmable FM synth. Not only was the Synclavier out years before the DX-7, but Yamaha themselves brought out the DX-1 before the DX-7.

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