DAW Cassette Brings Tape Deck Emulation To iOS, Mac & Windows

Klevgrand has introduced DAW Cassette, a virtual cassette deck effect for Mac, Windows and iOS.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Choose your preferred level of cassetteness with the different controls for input/output gain, tape/motor/head quality and tape/dolby type. Now, look in the mirror and get stunned by your new mullet haircut.”


  • Choose between three different tape types (Normal, Chrome, Metal)
  • Control the noise level with Dolby emulation (including a noise-free option, Dolby K).
  • Tape-, head- and motor quality knobs for dialling in the perfect sound.
  • Additional input gain, output gain and dry/wet mix parameters.

Desktop version:

  • Audio Units version, compatible with most Mac DAWs
  • VST version, compatible with most Mac & Windows DAWs
  • AAX version, compatible with Pro Tools on Mac & Windows
  • System requirements: macOS 10.7+ / Windows 7+ with SP1 or higher
  • Works with most DAWs compatible with 64bit plugins

iOS version:

  • AUv3 plug-in mode, for use in compatible hosts (such as GarageBand)
    (No stand-alone mode available)

Pricing and Availability

DAW Cassette is available now, with an intro price of US $19.99 for desktop & $7.99 for iOS.

8 thoughts on “DAW Cassette Brings Tape Deck Emulation To iOS, Mac & Windows

  1. This sounds nothing like cassette! This just sounds like a window of digital through a mattress, with a white noise source in the background. And the reason people (or at least me) like messing around with cassettes is because of the ritual of unwrapping a tape, using a pencil to cue up the tape from the blank leader, putting it in the transport… need I go on?

    1. I don’t think it sounds like a proper cassette deck either… looks very nice but sounds pretty uninteresting; at least on the demo clip.

  2. Does this come in modular? 😉

    While it does not sound like tape to me, the effect is decent.
    I do have a number of plugins which give a similar result but I can see how it will be useful for folks.

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