8 thoughts on “ELTA Music SOLAR 50 Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. looks awesome. is the touch plate a pert of the instrument? and is there stereo spread? it would be amazing to be able to spread all those OSCs out in the stereo field. and is there a way to spread the the OSCs apart like a Swarmatron?

  2. THIS is dope. Companies won’t be able to make these neat innovative instruments for much longer due to Behringer. That’s why they’re so far and few between outside of single boutique Eurorack modules.

  3. Its a mix between a hardwired Buchla and a standalone VA, plus CV/Gate jacks. I wonder if it speaks MPE? That would seem like a natural. With all those knobs, it sure won’t be cheap. I’m with John, bring on Nick. He gets down to the grit of how playable things really are.

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