Gestural Mixing With The KMI K-Mix, Leap Motion & Web MIDI

Keith McMillen Instruments shared this short demo of gestural mixing, using their K-Mix programmable mixer, a Leap Motion controller and Web MIDI.

Whether or not you’re interested in gestural mixing, the video demonstrates how the K-MIx’s extensive MIDI support lets it be controlled just about any way that you want.  Continue reading

Seaboard Creator ROLI Raises Additional $27M Funding ‘To Accelerate Growth’

roli-rise-49-controllerMusic technology company ROLI has announced that the company has raised an additional $27 million in investment “to accelerate growth” and bring its instruments, like the Seaboard RISE, right, to musicians around the world.

Company representatives say the Series B fundraising will help ROLI scale to meet growing demand, expand in new markets, and “intensively build” out its product, engineering, and marketing teams in North America and Europe.
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McDonalds Intros DJ Controller Placemats, Because – Wait For It – You Deserve A Break Today


The Netherlands are known for a lot of things: tulips, windmills, canals, Old Masters, space cakes and, of course, wooden shoes.

Now, McDonalds in The Netherlands is adding something new to the list – DJ placemats:


The McTrax, above, looks like a regular placemat, but it’s also a DJ controller, printed with conductive ink.

You can connect to the placemat wirelessly, via Bluetooth, with your smartphone. And boom – before you can say “I got frites sauce on my MIDI controller!”, you’re using your placemat to make music.

Here’s a demo of the McTrax in action: Continue reading

Alpha Piano MPiano At Musikmesse 2016


At Musikmesse 2016, Alpha Piano introduced the MPiano – a futuristic touch-sensitive keyboard.

The “M” stands for ‘mechatronic’ piano. Beneath each key is an adjustable actuator that makes the resistance and thereby the perceived weight of the keys adjustable. This means it can have the ‘feel’ of a concert grand, an organ or synth keyboard, depending on your preference.

In addition, the surfaces of the individual keys are touch-sensitive and can be used for expressive MIDI control.

Here’s a video overview from the show floor: Continue reading

Novation’s Virtual ‘Launchpad Intro’ Uses Chrome + QWERTY

Novation_Launchpad_IntroNovation has created an online player version of their Launchpad controller, Launchpad Intro, that can be used with a QWERTY keyboard or a plugged-in Launchpad controller.

Taking advantage of the browser’s built-in web MIDI capabilities, Launchpad Intro enables users to remix songs within the Google Chrome browser using QWERTY keyboard, or using a plugged-in Launchpad.

Novation enlisted their “resident virtuoso” Harry Coade to create and perform an impromptu song, using the Launchpad Pro along with real-time synth, vinyl and object sampling.

Coade, the in-house engineer, producer and manager at The Blue Studios and co-founder of Sound Matters, (which uses found sound to raise awareness of environmental issues) discusses his creative process and how he incorporates Launchpad Pro into his work in this interview on the Novation site.

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