DFX Digital Multi-FX App Adds MIDI Control


Fingerlab has released a major update to DFX – its digital Multi-FX app for iPad:

We are happy to announce DFX version 2.0 with a freshly added Midi Engine.

You can now plug any Midi controller or keyboard, relax and watch DFX reacting to the push of a fader or the turning of a rotary button. Multiple controllers, multiple gestures are welcome. We have covered pretty much much any control in DFX.

Here’s a video intro to the new version: Continue reading

Sound Force Controllers Offers Custom MIDI Controllers For Software Synths


Dutch designer Nicolas Toussaint let us know about his line of boutique MIDI controllers, sold under the name Sound Force Controllers.

“A couple of years ago,” explains Toussaint, “I started to build a dedicated controller for the TAL-U-NO-LX synth plugin (the excellent model of the Roland JUNO-60).”

“It all started a bit of out of necessity,” he notes, “as I couldn’t replicate the analog synth experience in the box. I missed the touch and the fun of fiddling with the knobs. And so was my first product born, the SoundForce SFC-60,” (pictured above). Continue reading

Monoplugs Releases Metronom, A MIDI Master Metronome

Monoplugs, maker of the BStep Seqencer, has just released its newest product, Metronom, a “very powerful” metronome app and MIDI master clock.

Metronom is, as you might have guessed, a metronome with all the essential features of a metronome and support for non-standard time signatures, bundled with what developer Thomas Arndt touts as “a bunch of bonus features like an advanced speed and rhythm trainer. ”
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Conductr Controller For Live, Traktor Gets Major Update

Patchworks has updated Conductr – its controller for Ableton Live and Traktor – to version 2.0.

Conductr is specifically designed to be a controller that is tailored to the iPad, vs imitating traditional hardware. See our interview with Conductr’s Oriol Rosell for his perspective on why iPad apps shouldn’t just imitate hardware controllers.

Here’s what’s new in Conductr 2.0: Continue reading