Audanika Intros SoundPrism Electro Mini

soundprism-electro-miniAudanika has announced the release Soundprism Electro Mini, a new addition to the SoundPrism family of music apps.

SoundPrism Electro Mini is an iPhone version of SoundPrism Electro. The new sound engine, new input modes and ribbon controller have not just been ported to the iPhone and iPod touch, but now they’re designed to be playable with just two thumbs.

Here’s a video walkthrough, by inventor Gabriel Gatzsche: Continue reading

New Modular USB MIDI Keyboard Controller – Keys


Opho – the developers behind the gTar iPhone guitar – have announced a modular USB MIDI controller, Keys.

Keys is a USB keyboard controller, designed to be modular, so it can be used as a beginning controller or scaled up for more advanced purposes.


  • Keys is fully USB-MIDI compliant. Use Keys with hundreds of music applications including Garageband, Ableton, ProTools, Logic and Cubase. Create music your way using your favorite tools.
  • Each of the 24 keys are equipped with LED lights that can each illuminate 192 different colors.
  • Weighted keys allow you to modify the sound output based on pressure and resistance for “piano like” expressions.
  • Keys is equipped with gesture recognition technology so you can control various parameters by just waving your hand above the keyboard.
  • You can magnetically link Keys devices together to create a larger keyboard or to other modules like Knobs and Pads to create custom music surfaces.

Here’s a video intro: Continue reading

Artiphon Instrument 1 MIDI Controller Available Via Kickstarter


Instrument startup Artiphon has started a Kickstarter project to fund production of their new Instrument 1 MIDI controller.

The Instrument 1 is a controller that can be played in a variety of ways, is fully MIDI compatible and connects to iPhones, iPads, Macs, and PCs via Lightning or USB.

Here is the official intro video: Continue reading

Music IO Routes MIDI Over USB Between iOS & Mac


Secret Base Design
has introduced Music IO – a new app that lets you route MIDI over USB, between iOS and Mac OS X.

It joins a rapidly growing collection of apps delivering MIDI over USB capabilities to iOS, including MIDI LE and midimux.

Here’s a quick video demo: Continue reading

AlphaSphere me MIDI Controller An Inexpensive Option For Polyphonic Aftertouch

alphasphere-me-closeupNuDesine has announced an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the production of its new AlphaSphere me MIDI controller.

Like the company’s earlier AlphaSphere nexus and AphaSphere elite MIDI controllers, the AlphaSphere me features pressure-sensitive control pads, placed in a hexagonal arrangement on a sphere.

The AlphaShere is designed to be much more affordable, though, with prices starting at US $166 to backers. The lower cost is achieved by making it smaller, simpler to manufacture and using 32 pads, vs the original’s 48 pads.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading