Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix Audio Interface, Control Surface & Programmable Mixer Now Available


Keith McMillen Instruments has announced that the K-MIX, a new Mac OS X-compatible audio interface and programmable mixer, is now available.

The K-Mix looks different than other mixers and it’s because KMI founder Keith McMillen wanted a mixer that was different than the mixers that were available. “I needed a very special mixer that did not exist,” explains McMillen, “a fully-programmable, MIDI-controlled, ultra-high-quality portable mixer.”

“Not having a mixer that could do all of this, when wanting to play live in a group without a sound man, was heartbreaking,” adds McMillen. “K-MIX had to be capable of tying all of my needs together — from live inputs to USB interfaces — to then operate as a fully-programmable stage mixer.”

The K-Mix is ‘not your grandma’s mixer’, according to KMI.  It has no moving parts, so it can be used as a portable mixer, without the fear of snapping off a fader or knob, while still giving you top audio quality, mixer functionality and control. Continue reading

LINK to MIDI Delivers ‘Incredibly Stable’ MIDI Clock

Developerlink-to-midi Alexandernaut (Arpeggionome, Fugue Machiune) has released Link to MIDI – a free iOS app that lets you use Ableton Link to sync MIDI Clock on hardware MIDI devices.

Link to MIDI connects Ableton Link to musical devices that support MIDI Clock Sync. Simply join a Link session, connect your MIDI device, and that’s it. Your MIDI device is now Link-enabled.

Link to MIDI makes a connected MIDI device behave like a Link-enabled device.

More specifically, using Link to MIDI’s Play button, you can start and stop the connected device at any time, and the device will start playing, in phase, at the next quantization tick — set by the Launch Quantization parameter on the main interface.

Link to Midi features launch quantization, ‘incredibly stable clock output’, and a fine offset control (±250 ms) to line up the receiving MIDI device’s playback. Continue reading

The Snyderphonics Birl Electronic Wind Instrument (Sneak Preview)

Jeff Snyder of Snyderphonics, developer of the Manta controller, shared this video preview of the upcoming Birl electronic wind instrument.

In the video, Pedro Eustache tries out the Snyderphonics Birl electronic wind instrument prototype.

The first part of the video shows him testing out more discrete playing and the ending shows him trying out fingered pitch bends, one of the advantages of the Birl’s “open-holed” design.  Continue reading

EMS Founder Peter Zinovieff On The New Expressive E Touché Controller


2016 NAMM Show: French startup Expressive E will be introducing Touché, described as an ‘innovative controller with unmatched sensitivity’, at the Winter NAMM Show.

Today, they shared this teaser video for the Touché, which features EMS founder Peter Zinovieff sharing his impressions of the new controller and sharing his thoughts on why new types of electronic instruments are needed: Continue reading

The Best New MIDI Instruments & Controllers Of 2015


Best of 2015: This year has seen the introduction of a huge number and a huge variety of MIDI controllers & instruments.

We asked readers to choose the best new MIDI instruments and controllers of 2015, and you chose the Seaboard RISE – a multidimensional polyphonic controller that lets you change the sound of each note in three dimensions, with left/right, up/down, and in/out movements of your finger.

Ableton’s Push 2 took the second place slot, with another multidimensional controller, the Roger Linn LinnStrument, following in third place.

Check out the picks below, and let us know what you think of the state of MIDI controllers in 2015! Continue reading