The Collidoscope Synthesizer – A Collaborative ‘Musical Microscope’


The Collidoscope, above, is a hardware synth prototype, created by researchers Ben Bengler & Fiore Martin, that is a ‘musical microscope’ for up to four people. 

“Think of Collidoscope as a musical microscope that allows you to zoom into sounds and explore their beautiful peculiarities, and in the next moment, to play and perform your sonic discoveries like a musical instrument,” note the developers

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Goldilocks Analogue Combines Arduino With Audio I/O, Is ‘Just Right’ For Music Projects


Reader Phillip Stevens let us know about a Kickstarter project he’s running to develop a new Arduino, just right for audio projects, Goldilocks Analogue. 

Arduino is an open-source computer platform, designed for creating microcontroller-based devices. The goal of the Goldilocks Analogue is to bring sophisticated analog and audio input, output, and storage capability to the Arduino environment.

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Kick Drum Synthesis With The Roland Scooper Eurorack Module

This video, via Voltage Control Lab, takes a look synthesizer kick drums using FM synthesis on the Roland Scooper.

While the Scooper is, by default, a looper and effects processor, it can be repatched, using the Aira Modular Customizer, to customize its functionality.  Continue reading

Roli Debuts 3-D Touch Equator Synth for iPhone, Flip Case for RISE

ROLI_RISE_Equator_FlipCaseAdvanced MIDI controller creator ROLI today announced two new products for mobile music-makers.

The Equator for iPhone app ports the company’s Equator software synthesiser to the latest iPhone, using the Apple device’s 3D Touch capabilities.

One of the first music apps on Apple’s App Store to take advantage of the iOS 9 interface update’s  3D Touch feature for sound control, Equator for iPhone will feature a simulated experience of the Seaboard Rise’s keywave surface. Pressing on the screen of the iPhone 6s, users can shape sound on a virtual keywave surface in much the same way as they control sound on the pressure-sensitive Seaboard Rise.
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New Pulse High-Speed 3D Music Controller


Titan Reality has introduced the Pulse 3D music controller – a new gestural music controller.

Pulse is a high-speed 3D controller and an ‘intelligent space and surface’ to interact with. It can also recognize hand gestures and objects to give you a more realistic and creative way of controlling sound. 

Here is the official video intro: Continue reading