The Polyend SEQ Is A WYSIWYG Drum Step Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

At Superbooth 16, we talked with gear startup Polyend about their upcoming SEQ WYSIWYG drum step sequencer.

The SEQ is a beautiful visual step sequencer – a bit like a monome on steroids.

In the video above, Polyend founder Piotr Raczynski gives an overview and demo of the SEQ. Raczynski calls the SEQ a ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) sequencer, because there is a row for each of its 8 channels, and each step of the sequence has a dedicated button.  Continue reading

E-RM Multiclock Lets You Sync Everything


At Superbooth 16, we talked with Max of E-RM about their Multiclock – a professional sync device.

The Multiclock lets you sync all types of clocks – analog, DIN, MIDI, audio, DAW – across four channels, and gives you per-channel control over clock timing and swing.

Here’s a video demo: Continue reading

Dasz Instruments Intros Alex Expandable Synthesizer System (Sneak Preview)


At Musikmesse 2016Dasz Instruments is previewing Alex – an integrated multitrack synthesizer and sequencer platform.

The Alex system is composed of modules. Each module includes 4 tracks – each track contains synthesizer/instrument, effects, looper and sequencer. The modules can be used as hardware modules, to sequence internal modules and to sequence external MIDI and CV gear.

Each module includes track buttons, a high resolution TFT screen, 8 RGB push encoders, 8 RGB buttons, a powerful processor and one I/O expansion and one DSP expansion slots.

Here’s a couple of video overviews from Musikmesse.  Continue reading

Moon Modular Sequencer Expansion Modules In Action

This video, via John L Rice, demos the new Moon Modular 569ESB and 569EGB expansion/accessory modules for the Moon Modular 569 sequencer.

Rice notes, “This video is partially an overview and partially just fun time for me! 😉 The next video will likely be a more technical and in-depth look at the features and capabilities.” Continue reading