Vangelis – The Tegos Tapes


One of the frustrations of fans of synthesist Vangelis is the huge volume of his soundtrack work that remains unreleased.

Blade Runner fans are still pining for a comprehensive soundtrack. The soundtracks to films like Missing, The Plague and The Bounty are only officially available in fragments.

And then there’s his soundtracks for Cavafy, FrancescoSplendeur Sauvage and many other films that have never been officially available.

The Tegos Tapes is an interesting example of these obscure Vangelis soundtracks. Continue reading

A Vintage Buchla Christmas

Warner Jepson’s Buchla Christmas is a previously unreleased collection of electronic holiday music, created on a Buchla modular synthesizer in 1969.

The music was created by Jepson at Mills College Electronic Music Studios in December 1969. It was created on the Buchla 100 analog modular synthesizer and recorded to Ampex PR-10 tape recorder. Continue reading

Open Mic: Is The Surge In Vinyl Sales ‘A Hipster Thing’?


The BBC reports that vinyl record sales have hit an 18-year high:

Earlier this month, Pink Floyd’s The Endless River became the fastest-selling vinyl release since 1997. UK’s Official Chart Company told the BBC it will soon launch a weekly vinyl chart.

And we’ve seen a surge in electronic releases on vinyl, ranging from reissues of classics to new releases, like Aphex Twin’s Syro, above.

“In an era when we’re all talking about digital music, the fact that these beautiful physical artefacts are still as popular as they are is fantastic,” said Martin Talbot, managing director of the Official Charts Company. Continue reading

Hypersynth Xenophone Demo

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Product developer Iman JL shared these two videos with us that demonstrate the Hypersynth Xenophone – an advanced analog mono synthesizer with 100% analog signal path.

The Xenophone offers three oscillators, two subs, three ring modulators, one multimode VCF and analog distortion, all based on discrete analog circuits followed by a high quality stereo digital delay and reverb. In addition to its synthesis capabilities, it can be used as a powerful audio processor to colorize an external input signal by analog filter, distortion and DFX.

The first performance demo is a cover of Kitaro’s Aqua, using four tracks of Xenophone monosynth, Effects used are the Xenophone’s onboard effects and the keyboards are used as keyboard controllers: Continue reading

Arduino MIDI Bluetooth Source Code Released

bluetooth-low-energy-wireless-midiDeveloper Matthias Frick (MIDI LE) let us know that he has released the source code for his Arduino MIDI over Bluetooth project, Blidino, at GitHub.

Blidino is an Arduino project, designed to allow you to add wireless connectivity to standard MIDI devices, using the recently added MIDI over Bluetooth protocol on iOS and OS X.

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Sundog Scale Studio For Mac, Windows Gets Major Update has updated its MIDI composition software Sundog Scale Studio, for Mac & Windows, to version 1.4.0.

Sundog is a stand-alone MIDI sequencer that is designed to provide tools focused on composition.

It works like this:

  1. Connect Sundog to your DAW via MIDI.
  2. Pick a scale – like C Major or E Minor.
  3. Sundog will show you a list of chords that can be used on this scale.
  4. Create a chord progression by clicking and listening.
  5. Use the internal step sequencer to create melodies or arpeggios on your chords and scale notes.

The update adds enhanced sequencing options, improved MIDI support, ‘tighter’ MIDI clock, new views and more.  Continue reading