New CD Celebrates The Polivoks Synthesizer


Thirty-three years ago, in 1982, mass production began of the Polivoks, the classic Russian synthesizer, designed by circuit designer Vladimir Kuzmin, with hardware design by his wife Olimpiada.

To celebrate the 33-year history of the Polivoks, organizer Andrew Startsev has created a campaign to produce a CD of music that explores the capabilities of the Polivoks. Polivoks 33 is a collection of tracks, featuring the Polivoks, created by electronic musicians from around the world. Continue reading

New Music Game, Tonic, Designed To Help Musicians Improve Their Improvisation & Composition Skills

tonic-music-gameDeveloper Scott Hughes let us know about a new card and dice music game, Tonic, that’s designed to help musicians learn to improvise and compose in a new way.

It’s available as two ways:

  • You can purchase a physical version of Tonic, with printed cards and custom dice; or
  • You can download the game as a printable PDF.

{I believe so strongly in Tonic that I’ve made the cards available completely for free,” notes Hughes. “You can download them as a PDF and print them out yourself. These are identical to the printed cards that come with the full version, so feel free to try before you buy!” Continue reading

New Data Eurorack Module An Oscilloscope & More


Mordax Modular Synthesis Systems has announced the Data – a ‘multifunction tool for Eurorack modular systems’.

The Data is a digital platform for testing, measurement, and signal generation in Eurorack modular synthesis systems. It is a modular tool kit, with functions applicable to any system and style.

Here’s a video intro: Continue reading

Ableton Introduces Live 9.5 – Here’s What’s New


Ableton has announced Live 9.5, a free upgrade for Live users that introduces a number of new features.

Most notably, the Simpler device has been overhauled, waveform displays and metering have been improved and new analog-modelled filter modes have been introduced.

Designed in collaboration with Cytomic (who also developed the Glue compressor introduced back in Live 9.0), the filters are integrated within the Sampler, Simpler, Operator and Auto Filter devices.

Here are the details: Continue reading