With Korg Cliphit, The World Is Your Drum Kit

korg-cliphitKorg today introduced Cliphit – a new system that lets you turn anything into an electronic drumkit.

Korg says that Cliphit is designed for ‘casual playing’. That means some ‘pro’ features, like MIDI out, are left out.

Instead, Cliphit focuses on fun, letting you clip sensors to just about anything, plug them into the battery-powered sound module and play electronic percussion in a unique way.  Continue reading

Yamaha DTX-502 Drums Premiered At Musikmesse

Yamaha-DTX562KYamaha premiered its revamped DTX-502 electronic drums at Musikmesse, in Frankfurt, Germany. Based on the DTX-PAD, the kits feature including newly designed tom pads, a lighter-weight steel rack and a new drum trigger module.

With almost twice the wave ROM and more than 250 additional sounds than the previous model, the new DTX502 drum trigger module is the first to incorporate drum and cymbal samples that have been optimized for DTX by Yamaha’s sound engineers. The system lets users import audio samples and MIDI files for further expandability. Continue reading

Nord Drum Virtual Analog Drum Synth (Review)

YouTube Preview Image

In this video review, Nick Batt takes a look a the Nord Drum – a new virtual analog drum synth that was introduced at the 2012 NAMM Show:

“The Nord Drum is certainly a usable little unit, with the range of sounds on board even with the limited number of Tone waves, it will find a home in many a drummers arsenal as a way to enhance an acoustic setup or perhaps as a drum aspect to an electronic music setup. Its a shame that it was not possible to extend the wave palette more and give it a stereo output.”

See Nick’s full review of the Nord Drum analog drum synth at the Sonic State site.

Korg Wavedrum Mini Review – ‘A Great Sounding Little Fun Instrument’

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The new Korg Wavedrum Mini – a unique compact percussion synthesizer – was one of the hits of Musikmesse 2011.

The Korg Wavedrum Mini is a compact percussion synthesizer, with built-in speaker, battery-powered portability and a cool sensor clip that turns just about anything into a percussion instrument. Using the sensor clip and the pad allows two sounds to be played at once.

The sensor clip seems like a killer feature, bringing an element of experimental performance into a mainstream device.

Here’s an in-depth review of the Korg Wavedrum Mini via the gentlemen of Sonic StateContinue reading

Free Sample Library Features 528 Electronic Drum Sounds

free electronic drums sample libraryMultiples has introduced E|Drums 3.0, a free sample library of 528 electronic drum sounds.

The library is split into three groups:

  • Synthesized – samples covering Kick, Snares and Hats using MDrummer, KickMaker and Reaktor to synthesise the sounds.
  • Alesis Performance Pad – The Performance Pad was routed through a Line 6 POD and ModPro pedal. They were then processed with Frohmage, Roughrider and Guitar Rig.
  • Loops – The above samples were run through the Reaktor ensembles Massive and GoBox.

Continue reading

Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 Electronic Percussion Pad


Yamaha has introduced the DTX-Multi 12 electronic percussion pad, which 12 on-board pads and a built-in sound module.


The DTX-Multi 12 boasts over 1200 voices, covering drums, percussion and keyboard sounds, many drawn from Yamaha’s Motif synthesizer range and many completely new. Up to 200 custom set ups can be created and stored using all internal sounds and 42 types of effects.

Alternatively additional sounds can be loaded and stored into the onboard 64MB of memory and allocated to any pad for total customization

The unit is designed to easily integrate into an existing acoustic set up or act as a stand alone unit. DTX- Multi 12 comes with Cubase AI 5″ software .

Up to four voices can be assigned to a single pad for simultaneous or sequential playback and a wide range of dynamic options are made available.

Versatility is enhanced with 128 on-board phrase patterns covering a wide variety of styles and users can also record their own patterns and assign them to pads. A click track function also allows players to control the unit instantly, ideal for live shows.

The DTX- Multi 12 can as an excellent input device for computers. Connectivity is via a single USB cable. The included Cubase AI5 DAW software facilitates the recording and extensive editing of MIDI data, it can also function as a high quality sample playback device with 64MB of flash ROM on board.

Hi-Hat controllers and kick pedal pads can be added if you wish to use the DTX-Multi 12 as a compact stand alone electronic drum kit.

Available: Dec 2009; RRP: £685 Inc VAT