ValhallaDSP Intros Z-DSP Shimmer Cartridge

Developer Sean Costello has announced the ValhallaDSP Z-DSP Shimmer cartridge, for the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Eurorack module.

The video, above, is a quick demo of the Shimmer Z-DSP cartridge. The video starts with a ‘circus style’ sequence on the Prophet-6, dry and then explores each of the 8 algorithms, with a variety of settings. Continue reading

AtomoSynth Totem Eurorack Drum Machine


The AtomoSynth Totem is a complete percussion synthesizer voice EUrorack module.

The company says that the Totem is not meant to emulate any famous drum machine, but designed for creating your own unique analog drum synth sounds.

Here’s a video demo that features four AtomoSynth TOTEM Euro drum modules, each playing a different pattern. Continue reading

Patchblocks For Eurorack Let You Program Your Own Synth Module

patchblocks-eurorackThis video, via Andy Wilson, offers a first look at the Patchblocks for Eurorack module – a Eurorack format of the Patchblocks programmable synth module. worked with Patchblocks to develop a Eurorack modular synth version of the original standalone Patchblocks module. Patchblocks allows the user to program and customize how the module behaves. For example, it can be an audio oscillator, sequencer, drum machine, effects unit, depending on the patch you load.

Continue reading