Studio Electronics Intros 4 New Euro Boomstar Modules

boomstar-roland-3003-filterStudio Electronics today introduced four Boomstar modules for Eurorack synthesizers.

The modules feature several of the filter designs from the company’s Boomstar synthesizers and an AMP/VCA module.

Boomstar Modules:

  • 3003 ( Roland Filter)
  • 4075 (ARP Filter)
  • 5089 (Moogy Filter)
  • AMP / VCA (overdrive)

The modules are the first in a planned Boomstar Modular System – a collection of 11 modules that are designed to unleash the potential of the company’s Boomstar design.

“We’d like to think we’ve learned a few things, bringing the MIDIMINI, SE1-X, ATC-X, polyphonic CODE Omega synths, ModMax pedals, C2s, Pre 2, and Slate Pro Audio Dragon and Fox to market, and the air waves worldwide”, notes SE. Continue reading

Synthetic Sound Labs Intros Enhanced Steiner Filter Module

SyntheticSoundLabs_Steiner_FilterSynthetic Sound Labs has released its Model 1021 Steiner Filter module, a 1 MU width revision and enhancement of their popular-but-discontinued 2 MU wide 1020 Steiner.

“The Steiner filter is a unique filter for sound shaping that synthesists have long admired for both its warmth and quirkiness,” notes SSL’s Doug Slocum. “Invented by Nyle Steiner in the early 1970’s, this filter was used in Nyle’s Synthacon synthesizer line.”

The 1021 has HP, BP & LP inputs, not the outputs that are typical of 2-pole State Variable type filters. The inputs on the 1021 allow for all sorts of CUTOFF (center frequency) controlled “mixing” of input signals.

Due to the unique way its inventor injected the inputs into the internal signal path, they tend to slightly interact with each other and the control voltages, making the 1021 a bit more organic and unpredictable than many other synth filters. The RESONANCE also interacts with the CUTOFF adding an additional natural touch and warmth. Continue reading

Erica Synths Polivoks DIY Module Bundle 20% Off


Erica Synths lets us know about their Polivoks DIY modules bundle:

Special offer for those, who always wanted full Polivoks in their eurorack – full line of Erica Synths Polivoks modules @ 20% discount!

Bundle includes: Modulator, 2xVCO, Mixer, VCF, VCA and 2xADSR. We have universal 2 voice midi-CV module with master tune, glide and 1-2 voice switch in development. Then all line of Polivoks modules will fit exactly in 84HP rack.

Continue reading

A Vintage Buchla Christmas

Warner Jepson’s Buchla Christmas is a previously unreleased collection of electronic holiday music, created on a Buchla modular synthesizer in 1969.

The music was created by Jepson at Mills College Electronic Music Studios in December 1969. It was created on the Buchla 100 analog modular synthesizer and recorded to Ampex PR-10 tape recorder. Continue reading