PreSonus Notion for iOS Adds iPad Pro Support, Handwriting Recognition


PreSonus has announced that the latest update to Notion for iOS introduces an in-app purchase that adds finger/stylus handwriting recognition.

Using a finger or stylus, you can write music in your own handwriting and see it automatically converted to digital notation. With an Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, you can even write with pressure and thickness, which gives you a much more natural feeling and even greater accuracy. Continue reading

Presonus Buys Notion

notion-presonusPreSonus has announced that it has bought Notion Music, the developer of music-notation app Notion 4.0 (Mac/Windows), Notion for iPad, Progression 2.0 guitar-tab editing software (Mac/Windows), and Progression for iPad.

PreSonus says that the acquisition will benefit users of both Notion and Presonus’ Studio One DAW.  Continue reading

Summer NAMM Update: Notion Music Intros Progression Guitar Tab App

Notion Music Intros Progression Guitar Tab AppAt the 2007 Summer NAMM Show, Notion Music introduced Progression, a new sequencer, tablature and playback application designed for guitar players.


Progression is designed to be a powerful, yet easy-to-use guitar application for creating, learning, and distributing music. Guitar tablature or standard notation can be entered with a keyboard and mouse, or played into the program with a MIDI guitar or MIDI keyboard.

Progression then plays back the music instantly with its extensive built-in sound library. Songs and ideas can be shared by creating guitar tabs, lead sheets, and standard sheet music or by simply exporting an audio file with a complete band backing track.

Progression features thousands of real electric and acoustic guitar samples from Neil Zaza, and electric bass and drums samples from Grammy Award winners Victor Wooten and Roy “Future-Man” Wooten. Also included are grand piano, upright bass, clavinet, and electric piano – all in high-definition audio. VST hosting capability enables the use of effects plug-ins and amp modelers and a built-in mixer give the user complete control over the rest of the mix. Continue reading

Notion Makes Scoring Easier

2007 Winter NAMM Show: Notion Music announced version 1.6 of Notion, their flagship music composition and performance software. The update adds new scoring features, improves file handling, adds support for lyrics, and expands Notion’s capabilities beyond classical music genres.

Notion scoring

Among the new scoring features in Notion 1.6 are support for lyrics, chord symbol entry and playback, special note entry (x, triangle, and slash), and forced “page-turns” as well as improvements to tempo markings, beaming, ties, tuplets, and overall rendering of score appearance. The handling of repeats has been improved as well as NOTION’s ability to read and interpret articulations and imported data. Continue reading

Notion Expands Percussion Support

notion percussionNotion Music announced two new percussion features and two new sound kits: Sessions: Rhythm Section and Expanded Mallets 1 at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in Austin, Texas, November 8-11, 2006.

Additions to Notion’s powerful scoring tools include the ability to notate for drum set (multiple instruments on one staff), alternate note heads (x, triangle, and slash), “stir” feature for realistic sounding jazz brush techniques on snare drum, ghost note notation and performance, and cross-stick and rim-shot notation and performance for snare drum.

“Sessions: Rhythm Section” supplements Notion’s traditional orchestral library with the sounds of a contemporary rhythm section, featuring bass and drum set samples performed by Victor and Roy Wooten at Dark Horse Studios in Nashville and electric guitar samples performed by Vernon Reid at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. The drum set includes various techniques for 6-piece drum set and cymbals, all of which can be written as individual instruments as well as in a drum set staff. A broad variety of techniques and dynamics are included for electric bass and electric guitar, including slap techniques on bass and muted sounds on both. Upright bass, Fender Rhodes™ electric piano, and Hohner Clavinet™ are also included.

“Expanded Mallets 1” adds marimba, vibraphone, crotales and chimes to the Notion sound library. Techniques included are strikes and rolls from a 5-octave marimba, strikes on chimes and strikes on crotales. Vibraphone has strikes and rolls with motor off, slow motor speed, fast motor speed and pedal up. Also available is “Expanded Percussion 1” featuring castanets, cowbells, cuckoo, drumsticks, maracas, power toms, ratchet, roto-toms, shakers, sleigh bells, temple blocks and woodblock.

Notion is designed for students, composers and musicians on all levels as a tool for composition, learning, practice, and live performance. It combines a full-featured music notation system with interpretive algorithms linked to a proprietary playback engine that offers samples of thou¬sands of individual notes and articulations played by the London Symphony Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

More information is available at the Notion Music site.

Score With London Symphony Orchestra For $99

Protege boxNotion Music, creators of music composition and performance software, have introduced PROTÉGÉ, a new program designed to be easy enough for beginners and yet robust enough for seasoned musicians.

PROTÉGÉ allows musicians of all skill levels to write, rehearse and perform their compositions as if they were working with a full ensemble of musicians. By including more than 100,000 sounds recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, and offering add-ons that include rock and rhythm section sounds, PROTÉGÉ gives users the freedom to explore their imaginations while composing music.

Available for $99, PROTÉGÉ has been designed to:

  • improve sense of pitch and tonality;
  • allow musicians to edit, save and practice songs based on their own interpretations;
  • accompany primary instruments or small ensembles;
  • create playback directly from notation;
  • compose, explore and manipulate in-depth scores; and
  • upgrade to more complex programs to match skill-level as needed.

“PROTÉGÉ was created to bolster creativity by allowing musicians to focus on the music, not the technology,” said Lori Jarrett, founder and CEO of Notion Music, Inc. “It is perfect for student musicians, hobbyist musicians or more advanced musicians who want to be accompanied by a full ensemble anytime, anywhere.”

NOTION Plays Content for Sony Cinescore

notion pass the ringNOTION was used to create orchestral content for Pass the Ring, one of several Theme libraries for Sony Cinescore soundtrack creation software.

Theme libraries are self-contained music content packages that have been engineered exclusively for use within Cinescore software. Each Theme contains multiple variation presets that can be fine-tuned by adjusting settings like mood, intensity, tempo, and more. The result is an unlimited number of unique, royalty-free compositions that fit perfectly to the length of a video clip.

Pass the Ring includes musical expositions of love, emotion, and celebration, which in large part called for orchestral musical selections. NOTION Music was called on to deliver arrangements as well as final audio files of such classics as Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, Wagner’s Here Comes the Bride, and Pachelbel’s Canon.

“This project was a great creative opportunity for our team of score creators as well as a chance to push the envelope of our NOTION technology,” said David Oertel, Music Content Manager at NOTION Music. “The team was challenged to come up with many variations on standard wedding themes. While the Caribbean version of Here Comes the Bride or the country version of Canon didn’t make the final version, it really showcased the caliber of our content creators as well as the sound quality and flexibility of our NOTION software.”

Oertel’s team was able to deliver finished content utilizing only NOTION software and in-house sound libraries, which contain thousands of samples of the renowned London Symphony Orchestra recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio. Once the arrangements had been finalized, the virtual orchestra was then mixed inside the software and “performed” with NOTION’s NTEMPO real-time playback feature. This feature allowed the team to “conduct” the software to capture an expressive performance with real-time tempo changes and holds. These performances were then captured as .WAV files for final delivery to Sony.

Notion Composition Contest

Notion Music, makers of Notion music composition and performance software, have expanded the Notion Realize Music Challenge with three entry categories and more prizes to be awarded. The Grand Prize remains a recording session with the world-renowned London Symphony Orchestra at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

Dubbed the Notion Realize Music Challenge, the competition runs through November 30, 2006, during which period entrants can compose up to a 10-minute work using Notion software or a free demo version available at

The competition includes three entry categories: Young Composers under 18 years of age, Emerging Composers 18-25 years of age, and Accomplished Composers over 25 years of age.

Continue reading