Ring Modulator Synthesis Techniques

This video, via Adam Pietruszko, takes a look at some synthesis techniques using a ring modulator, in this case a Moog Moogerfooger Ring Modulator.

Four Free ‘Colorful’ VSTs For Windows

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The Colorspace has released four free synthesizer plug-ins for Windows (VST):

  • Feeling is a 3 oscillator Additive Synthesizer with a Saturator for each OSC, 2 Filters, 2 LFOs, Distortion, Double Chorus and 2 Delay effects.
  • Drafter is a 3-drawable-oscillator synthesizer with 2 Filters, 4 LFOs, a Bit Reducer, a Stereo Enhancer, Delay and Reverb effects.
  • Serio3 is a 3-oscillator Subtractive Synthesizer with 3 Sub OSCs, an ADSR for each OSC, Ring Modulation, 2 Filters, 2 LFOs, a Stereo Enhancer, Delay, Reverb and Chorus Effects.
  • Cloud is a 3-Morphing-oscillator synthesizer with a bitcrusher for each OSC, a Filter, 4 LFOs and the Automorph section where you have 4 LFOs to morph waveforms automatically, a Stereo Enhancer, Delay and Reverb effects.

The Colorspace software synthesizers are free downloads from thecolorspace.

New Gristleizer Eurorack Synth Module


Asheville-based Smashing Guitars has announced several Eurorack synthesizer modules in its Endangered Audio Research line.

The Gristleizer synth module is expected to ship March 8th 2010. It is available for pre-order now, for $299.95. Continue reading

Free Audio Effects For Windows & Mac

free-mac-au-free-windows-vstFree Music Software: Melda Production has a collection of free audio effect plugins that are available fo Mac and Windows.

The collection includes:

  • MDrummer Small
  • MCompressor
  • MEqualizer
  • MRingModulator
  • MAnalyzer
  • MPhaser
  • MLimiter
  • MWaveShaper
  • MAutoPan
  • MVibrato
  • MTremelo
  • MStereoExpander

See the Melda Productions site forĀ  details.

Melekko Wiard Modules


Synth Porn Saturday: Here’s a sneak preview of some new modular synths from Malekko:

The next two Wiard modules being put out by Malekko are the Anti-Oscillator and the Noisering. These two should be available around the end of July.

The Noisering is the same as the Wiard 1200 series but with the addition of a toggle switch that will make the jack above it a clock input or clock output.

The Anti-Oscillator is a new analog oscillator from Grant Richter with some very interesting waveshaping capabilities.

The new Melekko versions of the Wiard modular synth line is available via Analogue Haven. The Anti-Oscillator & Noisering aren’t available yet, though, so all you can do is drool.