New Gristleizer Eurorack Synth Module


Asheville-based Smashing Guitars has announced several Eurorack synthesizer modules in its Endangered Audio Research line.

The Gristleizer synth module is expected to ship March 8th 2010. It is available for pre-order now, for $299.95.

The Gristleizer Eurorack Module

For the first time ever, Throbbing Gristle’s legendary effects unit, The Gristleizer, is now available in eurorack synth module form (28HP wide).

Though the original design by Roy Gwinn is over 30 years old, The Gristleizer had never seen commercial production until the summer of 2009, when Endangered Audio updated and improved the circuit. The audio path is modulated by an LFO using four selectable waveforms (ramp, reverse ramp, triangle, & square), functioning in one of two paths: VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) or VCF (voltage controlled filter).

Ranging from light and sweet tremolo to extreme, raunchy ring mod, The Gristleizer is a 100% analog, hand-assembled unit built to last. These can connect to either analog systems power bus or Doepfer (with adapter available from us), for easy addition to your eurorack system.

Other planned Endangered Audio Research Eurorack synthesizer modules include:

  • 1601 Sequencer Eurorack Module – a version of the ARP 1601 sequencer in modular form.
  • Analog Delay Eurorack Module
  • Nebula Ringmod Eurorack Module
  • The Gristleizer VCO Eurorack Module

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