XILS V+ Now Available, Recreates Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus


XILS-lab has released XILS V+, a faithful emulation of the Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus.

Here’s what they have to say about XILS V+:

The Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus is also musically immortalized on celluloid thanks to Greek synth wizard Vangelis’ memorable early-Eighties electronic scores to the Oscar-winning Chariots Of Fire and Ridley Scott’s sci-fi film noir classic, Bladerunner, both of which made much use of the instrument’s signature Strings – ’emulating’ the sustained portion of orchestral strings – and Human Voice Ensemble ‘choir’ – remarkable and unique – sounds.

Fnding a fully-functional, pristine example of this 30-plus-year-old temperamental hardware has become nigh on impossible. Which is exactly where XILS V+ comes into play, of course, thanks to XILS-lab’s labours.

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Real vs Virtual – Can You Tell The Difference?

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s another teaser video, via G-Storm Electro, of the upcoming VSP330 r2 – a virtual recreation of the classic Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus.

The Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus is a great string synth/vocoder/ensemble keyboard, that was introduced in the late 70’s. It was notably used by Vangelis in his early 80’s work.

Can you tell the difference between real and virtual? Try giving the demo a listen with your eyes closed. Can you tell the difference between the real Roland VP-330 and the virtual version?

Let us know what you think!

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Real vs Virtual Roland VP-330 Compared

YouTube Preview Image

VSP-330 r2 VST plugin Sound Test (Roland VP-330)

Here’s a comparison, via gstormelectro, of an upcoming version of the virtual VSP-330 and the original vintage classic Roland VP-330:


For r2.0 I’m re-developing the VSP-330 from the ground up. The VSP-330 VST plugin is based on the vintage Roland VP-330 choirs and strings. This time around my goal IS to provide a faithful emulation replacing the instrument itself.

The difference that sets this emulation apart from all others out there: absolutely no samples are used in this plugin. I have taken great time and effort emulating the exact same synthesis and effects-processing architecture as the original vintage hardware.

The sounds you hear are testing the plugin against a real MKI VP-330. Which is the real one and which is the plugin? You might hear sustaining notes getting robbed….um yeah that would be the MKI (because it is PARAphonic, the whole key range sharing a single envelope) – a problem not encountered on the POLYphonic plugin.

No release date has been announced. See the G-Storm site for more demos.

VSP-330 Voice Synth Plus (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s another sneak preview of the upcoming VSP-330 Voice Synth Plus – a software recreation of the classic Roland VP-330, used prominently by Vangelis in the 80’s .

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‘Blade Runner’ Vocoder, The Roland VP-330, Coming Soon As Software Plugin

YouTube Preview Image

This video is a sneak preview of VSP-330 Voice Synth Plus – a virtual recreation of Vangelis’ ‘Blade Runner’ vocoder, the Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus.

Here’s what the developer has to say about it:

A beta version sound test of my Voice Synth Plus VST plugin. It’s not going to replace the original Roland VP-330 strings and choirs, but it’s the next best thing and then some.

VST Plugin Features:

  • Choir selectable Male 8′, Male 4′ and Female 4′ across all keys.
  • Strings selectable 8′ AND 16′ Bass (the 16′ string was not on original)
  • Built-in ensemble mod can be switched on/off for choir and strings.
  • Envelope attack for each Choir and String. Env release is shared like on the original.
  • Choir and String level controls.
  • Up to 16-voice polyphony depending on your computer.
  • Of course MIDI and patch save.

This is a beta version so the GUI is minimal. Better graphics will come w/ future versions.

The audio was recorded in Cubase on three tracks w/ no other processing added – ALL VSP-330! I added some pics of a real VP-330 to the video for fun.

Pricing and availability are TBA.

via FlakeStick

Vangelis Secret Weapon: The Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus

YouTube Preview Image

This demo video, via retrosound, highlights Vangelis‘ secret weapon – The Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus MK2. 

The VP-330 was released in 1979 and featured has featured prominently in Vangelis’ music since. Other artists using the VP-330 include Tomita, Kitaro, Mike Oldfield, Tony Banks, YMO and Laurie Anderson.

SampleTron Virtual Mellotron Now Shipping

IK Multimedia is now shipping SampleTron, a virtual instrument workstation featuring a collection of authentic “Tron” and other vintage keyboards instrument samples.

According to IK, SampleTron includes the most complete “Tron” anthology ever released in one virtual instrument, with over 2 GB of sounds, 640 presets and 260 multi-samples from 17 rare and vintage Mellotrons, Chamberlins, and their derivatives like the Optigan, Rhythmaster and more.

SampleTron’s diverse library was meticulously sampled by Sonic Reality and assembled to showcase the entire sonic palette, with chromatic samples that accurately capture the complete authentic tone of each instrument.

SampleTron is now available for EURO 249.99/$329.99. A crossgrade price of Euro 199.99/$269.99 is available for previously registered users of any lite or full version IK product.

Here’s IK’s intro video for SampleTron:

Details below.

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