PPG WaveMapper Review – ‘An Incredibly Deep Synthesizer’

PPG_WaveMapper_appFrancis Preve offers his take on Wolfgang Palm’s new PPG WaveMapper for iPad in the latest issue of Keyboard magazine.

Preve calls WaveMapper ‘an incredibly deep synthesizer’ and praises its user-friendly approach to patch-creation:

Palm takes an elegantly simple concept – mixing and matching important aspects of multiple synth patches – and implements them in a manner that’s strikingly like a board game.

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Wolfgang Palm’s MiniMapper Now Available For iPhone

minimapperWolfgang Palm has released PPG MiniMapper for iPhone and iPod touch.

PPG MiniMapper is a performance synthesizer with a wide range of sounds for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Key Features:

  • New Sound map concept – create new sounds playful and experimental
  • Map Recorder generates new programs on the fly
  • Features the same audio engine that powers the highly popular PPG WaveMapper
  • Arptor – a flexible Step Sequencer / Arpeggiator combination
  • Schematic touch keyboard – zoom and scrollable
  • Build your own keyboard, with the keys you prefer for your music.
  • Powerful sound browser – sorting by category, bank management
  • Virtual and Hard-MIDI in/out – sending/receiving keys and polypressure
  • Sending/receiving the Icon positions and X/Y performers
  • Audiobus support
  • 10 min Audio recorder and Audio Copy
  • Context specific help for all pages
  • Easy data exchange between MiniMapper and WaveMapper

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Wolfgang Palm Intros PPG MiniMapper Synth For iOS


Digital synth pioneer Wolfgang Palm has introduced a new software synthesizer for iOS, MiniMapper.

PPG MiniMapper features the same audio engine that powers his PPG WaveMapper synth, but with limited editing. Sounds created in the WaveMapper can be imported into PPG MiniMapper. Continue reading

PPG WaveGenerator Updated With New MIDI Features And More


Pioneering synth designer Wolfgang Palm has released an update to PPG WaveGenerator, a software synthesizer for iPad that builds on the heritage of the PPG Wave keyboard.

Here’s what’s new in PPG Wavegenerator 2.0:

  • Virtual and Hard MIDI Output
  • MIDI Poly Pressure
  • Touch Keyboard Extensions
  • Minor improvements and fixes

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