K-Sounds Intros Piano 2 for Triton

K-Sounds Piano 2K-Sounds has introduced Piano 2 for the Korg Triton. Piano 2 features stereo, velocity-switched samples of a Kawai EX concert grand piano, fully programmed and ready to play. Unlike other Triton-format libraries, Piano 2 also includes a sample-based emulation of sympathetic string resonance.

Sixteen solo piano programs and twenty-three combinations cover a wide variety of applications and styles. Programs vary in brightness, timbre, and dynamic response. Combinations layer piano programs with electric pianos, B3 organs, pads, orchestras, string sections, and real-time sympathetic string resonance. Piano-bass keyboard splits are offered as well.

Eleven two-velocity configurations are included, ranging from 43Mb to 95Mb. K-Sounds’ exclusive sympathetic string resonance emulation is included in five of these configurations, starting at 59Mb.

Piano 2 may be purchased by itself for $115.00 or as part of the Triton Piano Package (Volume 1 and Piano 2) for $225.00.

For more information, visit the K-Sounds site.

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