Can You Tell When She’s Faking It?

This video catches trance artist Dali at the Psychodelic Progressive Trance concert, singing, soloing on the synths and adding a little percussive spice:

The crowd doesn’t seem to notice anything unusual about Dali’s performance.

Can you tell when she’s faking it?

The video is via, a blog that pokes fun at electronica acts that blatantly fake their live shows. 

According to the site, “To qualify as a Dead Act, the performer must have pre set out their performance in such a way that if they were to drop dead, the set would keep playing on as normal. Bonus points for fake knob tweaking, failed attempts to play real instruments , and good orgasm faces.”

9 thoughts on “Can You Tell When She’s Faking It?

  1. Holy god, she can’t even get the drumming right. 😛

    I don’t play drums, and I can keep a beat along with a song better than she does.

  2. I can’t say female DJ’s and electronic artists as of late are helping out that whole ‘women in electronic music’ movement much.

  3. A lot of people use backing tracks. Most people practice their timing better. And it’s clear she’s loaded. I’m guessing thats a beer she’s chugging between keystrokes. The moral of the story? A pretty face, topless DJ and sex sells, because it’s all created behind closed doors when the music is made. Then acted out for people willing to pay to be entertained. Or I’m completely wrong and the audio and video sync is completely off, not.

  4. I love how the audience doesn’t get it at all.

    Is it because she’s hot, or is it because they can’t see what’s going on because it’s raining?

  5. its because they’re all aligning their chakras man.

    psy people take their music WAY too seriously. the shrooms and acid probably contribute as well

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