6 thoughts on “Avant-Garde Cellist Zoe Keating

  1. saw her live opening for Imogen Heap a few years ago. her set was fantastic – she used an old school sampler on stage with footpedals. chatted with her after the show for a few – great girl!

  2. Why is Zoe Keating so popular on Twitter? She's got over a quarter of a million followers.

    Are there that many classical cello fans, or is she turning into more of a crossover artist, like Laurie Anderson?

    1. Well she was in the rock band Rasputina and she has played with some people with well-connected fan bases like Amanda Palmer & Imogen Heap…so maybe that might be some of it….

  3. Zoe's music is great in it's own right, but I'd imagine her Twitter followers are pushed up by her appearance with other musicians such as Imogen Heap or Amanda Palmer.

  4. "The professional cellist, whose avant-garde music draws modest-size audiences, got a big break when Twitter's staff placed her on a list of suggested people to follow. By being thrust into the spotlight, her following – numbering around 8,000 at the time – catapulted by around 5,000 daily, for more than four months, to more than 777,000."

    SOURCE: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/

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