10 thoughts on “Something New From Propellerhead Software

  1. First guess: Reason with audio and editing. A la pro tools, logic.
    Second guess: A Ableton ripoff. Something with loops and Vst support.
    Third guess: Something I will like but never use for anything serious. Just like reason 😛

  2. Flash – that's people repeating the rumor that Future Music started.

    If it's just another DAW, this video is just a bunch of hype!

  3. Personally, I have always had "fun" with Reason (and Rebirth), but never used them to produce anything serious because the lack of audio, and what I feel is an unfriendly sequencer. That said, a full blown DAW (with a UI capable of lighting fast production like Live), with all of Reason's plugins at the ready could be enticing.


  4. I wouldn't mind if they ported Reason to iPhone – or even better – if they did away with the stupid copy-protection thing where you have to re-install Reason every time you've updated anything on your Mac. I hate that.

  5. Dont knock it till you’ve tried it guys! I am a beta tester, long time protools user and i can truly say that the mixer sounds great. The ability also to change tempos by simply dragging the tempo value also has me sold. Wait till the true test results are in before knocking it, as i myself was a skeptic.

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