Access Virus OS 3 Released

Access has announced the release of Access Virus OS 3:

After an extensive public beta test phase OS3 is ready to roll. The new operating system for the entire Virus TI product line introduces new and existing effects such as additional distortion types, a tape delay and last but not least a ring shifter.

The new version is recommended for every user and can be downloaded free of charge as of today.

We also launched the next public beta cycle for OS version 3.0.2 which will focus on stability and performance. The new OS version is available for public testing today.

3 thoughts on “Access Virus OS 3 Released

  1. I laud Access for supporting their products so well with OS upgrades like this over the years. Some of their major revisions have been hugged like Christmas presents — optimizations adding numerous banks of new sounds and fresh filter modes come to mind.

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