Native Instruments Intros Audio 2 DJ Audio Interface

Native Instruments has announced Audio 2 DJ, described as the world’s smallest USB audio interface for DJs.

To introduce it, they made this video of traceur Stephane Vigroux demonstrating the portability of the new Audio 2 DJ interface by free-running with it through London.


Was that marketing decision made by the same person who decided to make the new Native Instruments site Flash-based, setting usable Web design back 10 years?

And isn’t the soundtrack to this video at least 30 BPM’s too slow for a parkour video?

It’s a good thing NI’s got products good enough to market themselves, isn’t it?

Anyway – NI’s got a new audio interface that’ll do the job, is inexpensive and won’t take up space in your laptop bag.

Details below.


Delivering the exact same audio quality and performance as the AUDIO 8 DJ and AUDIO 4 DJ interfaces that are used by professional club DJs worldwide, the AUDIO 2 DJ offers users of TRAKTOR and other DJ software a unique new balance of quality, size and price.

With a footprint no larger than a deck of cards, the bus-powered AUDIO 2 DJ literally fits in a pocket. At the same time, it can accommodate the most demanding club systems due to its studio-grade 24bit/96kHz Cirrus Logic converters and its special high-power output amplifiers capable of delivering a pristine +9.7dBu audio signal. Robust low-latency drivers for Windows and Mac OS X enable the responsiveness that DJs need for tight mixing.

The dual stereo outputs of the AUDIO 2 DJ provide the necessary connectivity to route two decks separately into an external DJ mixer, or to output independent master and cue signals when mixing in software. Two included RCA break-out cables make set-up fast and convenient, making AUDIO 2 DJ the ideal audio interface for travelling DJs who don’t want to compromise on performance and quality.

AUDIO 2 DJ will be available in September 2009 for a suggested retail price of $119 / 99 EUR at authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop.

5 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Audio 2 DJ Audio Interface

  1. "usable Web design back 10 years?" – hmmm grow up flash sites can be uterly usable it just depends upon how they are delivered…shame NI didn't really implement it properly

  2. Have to disagree. I have yet to see a Flash site that's easy to use and couldn't be done a lot more effectively in straight HTML.

    The NI site is a poster child of what not to do with a website. You hit the backbutton and the whole site has to reload.

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