Muff Wiggler Forum July 2009 Gathering

This video captures the “drunken debauchery” of the Muff Wiggler Forum July 2009 Gathering.

via scootermccrae:

On July 18th, 2009, I had a number of strangers who I know (or know of) from the forum come to my apartment to have fun working with the modular analog audio equipment I had lying around or the machinery they brought over themselves to integrate into whatever systems we were spontaneously creating.

So there was much drunken debauchery and noise-making to be had amongst the participants.

Keep in mind that this is just a non-linear overview of the day that demonstrates how people traveled from one room to another to patch cables and twiddled knobs. Over the course of the nine hours that people spent in my apartment, there were many audio breakthroughs and learning experiences that would be impossible to document here without a far more thorough camerperson than myself at the helm.

Needless to say, as the cameraperson, I’m not in this video — so it’s NOT a Mondo Modular episode (so I apologize to any subscribers expecting otherwise).

Please enjoy and thanks as always for checking this out.

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