Could Musical Stairs Make Us Healthier?

Volkswagen created this musical staircase with the idea that “happiness is the absolute easiest way to get people to change”:

Take the stairs instead of escalators or elevator and feel better” is something you often hear or maybe read in Sunday attachments. Few if any people have followed this advice.

Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator on a normal day in Stockholm, by making it more fun to take the stairs?

The result you see here.

It’s an interesting concept and project.

If you know anything about the technical details on this, leave a coment!

One thought on “Could Musical Stairs Make Us Healthier?

  1. I know the inventor of musical stairs and the original walking piano. His name is Remo Saraceni and is an absolute genius.

    He designed these magical items more than twenty years ago and Tom Hanks was the first to dance on walking piano in the movie Big.

    If you want to see with your eyes all the possible applications of the walking piano played with the feet take a look at Remo Saraceni’s channel on youtube.

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