All Xoxos Plugins Now Freeware!


Free Music Software: Developer Rurik Leffanta has announced that, effective today, all Xoxos plugins (Windows) are now freeware.

Merry Christmas, Windows users!

The free apps include:

algorithmic 23_words,   Event Generator,   Ordinate,   Shoggoth,   Xchanter
effects Acoustic,   Channelswap,   Ckpitchshifter,   Discipline3,   Formant Shifter,   Gate3,   Muchacha,   Muchacho,   Outdoorverb,   Plate,   Sandh,   Servo,   Smoky Joe,   Spring,   Waterverb
midi Arp4midi,   BloqSeq,   CC Cube,   Circuit,   HyperCube,   Hyperion,   Malt,   Midilegato,   MiniSeries,   Period Seq,   Phase Seq,   Series,   Strumee,   Talent,   Wav4midi
models Boing,   Bomb,   Cylinder33,   Friction,   Gun,   KL Tract,   Mass-Springs,   Pling2,   Snare,   Stoq,   Surface,   Sym5,   Synger,   Virtual Machine
nature Fauna,   Oscine Tract,   Rain,   Synsect,   Thunder,   Wind
percussion Brush,   Clap of Luxury,   Cleardrum,   Dystopia,   Expodrum,   Power,   T Osc,   Utopia2
synthesizers Clearsynth,   Cosmo SE,   Expo,   Isnonu,   Noisemo,   Perfecto,   Puru,   Regula,   Steam,   Svati,   Urom,   Whoosh,   Xompler
utilities Blinker,   Controls,   Steps

While all Xoxos plugins are now free, they add that donations are still appreciated.

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