Space Baby Modulated Digital Delay Sneak Preview

This is a demo of the Space Baby Modulated Digital Delay, a digital delay which will debut at Handmade Music Austin #5 on February 28, 2010.

It has dedicated controls for wet/dry mix, delay, and feedback. A rotary encoder is used to adjust delay modulation speed/amplitude, clock source, and ring modulation.

Wooster Audio expects to have it available starting in March.

via WoosterAudio:

The same simple 8 beat synth line plays throughout the demo. The demo begins with the dry synth sound, and then I start tweaking the delay and feedback controls. Later in the video I enable the ring mod / distortion. The ring mod multiplies the original signal by the delayed signal for unusual clangorous sounds.

The delay modulation and infrared beat sync features are not used in the demo.

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