2 thoughts on “The Moog Guitar With MIDI

  1. So are they going to add another grand onto the pricetag of this already overpriced piece of wire and wood?

  2. If you think it’s overpriced, then clearly you are getting the results you want from guitars you can afford. I’m guessing from your grumpy tone that you also don’t have anything to hook a MIDI guitar _to_, anyway. In terms of the technology involved, and knowing that the list of prospective buyers for a guitar like this may be smaller than for a more conventional guitar, the price is not so crazy for a company that’s trying to make back what appears to be a substantial amount of research and development cost. If the harmonic blending feature or the muting are unimportant, then maybe you could do everything you wanted with a regular Sustaniac product ($700), an E-Bow ($100), or perhaps standing too close to your amplifier (priceless).

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