6 Ways To Follow Synthtopia

dj-crowd-shotWe love to see the number of visitors to Synthtopia continue to climb – but we also know that a lot of readers are spending more and more time on social networks and other sites.

You can follow Synthtopia at many of these sites, too, so you can keep on top of the latest electronic music and electronic music gear news:

  1. FaceBook – Follow Synthtopia on FaceBook.
  2. Flickr –  Join the Synthtopia group on Flickr. Check out the photos, add your photos! They also show up in the right sidebar of this site.
  3. SoundCloud – check out the Synthtopia SoundCloud group, share your music and listen to the latest music from Synthtopia readers. You can listen to the latest music from the group by clicking the “Listen” button that’s found at the top of this site.
  4. Twitter – you can follow me on Twitter and get Synthtopia new and other thoughts.
  5. Feed Reader – Don’t forget that you can add Synthtopia to your feed reader!
  6. iTunes – Tip – if you add our feed into iTunes (Advanced – Subscribe to Podcast, paste in http://www.synthtopia.com/content/feed/ ), you’ll get the latest free audio tracks that we feature delivered directly into iTunes.

If you’ve got other ideas for things we should try out – let us know!

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