OTO Biscuit Bitcrushing Video Demo

This video, via cl516, demonstrates the bitcrushing capabilities of the OTO Biscuit.


Biscuit is a stereo sound effect processor. Thanks to a subtle blend of 8-bit digital and analog processing,

Biscuit is able to create a wide range of sounds. It goes from 8-bit character and lo-fi digital artefacts to numeric distortions.

Biscuit is very useful to add depth and texture to any kind of electronic sounds. It works best with synthesizers (digital or analog), bassline, drum machines, loops, samplers or computers, but you can use it with any other sources.

Biscuit is basically an enhanced bit depth and sample-rate reducer, known as “bitcrusher”, followed by an analog filter and a simple mixing section (dry/wet). It also offers other features like removing or inverting each of the 8 bits, changing the sample rate from 250Hz to 30kHz, or adding one of the four effects (waveshaper, delay, pitch shifter and step filter).

Biscuit is MIDI compatible.

You can save the whole BISCUIT settings (potentiometers and switches) in 16 presets. A SysEx dump function let you save and recall as many presets you want on your computer.

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  1. I want one of these, but I wish there was a US channel with a slightly lower price tag.

    Anyone know if anyone (credible) is selling it in the US?

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