Remix Music + Win A Zombie Defense Kit! Plus – The Top 5 Causes For Zombies


You might not realize this, but even in a synthesizer-filled utopia like Synthtopia, there are Zombies to deal with.


Five Reasons You Have To Worry About Zombies:

  1. Evil scientists – according to the bell curve – half of all scientists are actually evil;
  2. Radiation – Nuclear, X-Ray, Solar – they all end the same way – ulcerous reanimation;
  3. Viruses – reverse-engineering of the common cold to cure cancer always ends badly – because it turns out the military is involved;
  4. The Dark Arts – you don’t need to go to a shack in the woods anymore to find a copy of the hell-raising Necronomicon, it’s available at Amazon; and
  5. iamamiwhoami – these mysterious videos could actually be a new form of mind control, masterminded by Christina Aguilera.

Fortunately, Ableton Live guru Tom Cosm has announced a Zombie-killing remix competition for his latest track, Bubble Butt.

Remix this:

And you could win this:


Finally a remix competition with a prize that’s actually useful!

Details at Cosm’s site.

The Zombie Defense Kit:

  • All Weather Safety Whistle
  • Professional Fishing Anti-Slip Gloves
  • Compressed Towel for Travellers (Small)
  • 8-LED Flashlight with Knife and Glass Breaker Survival Toolkit (3*AAA)
  • Ultrafire Stainless Steel Tookit Plier (9-Tool Wooden Handle)
  • Super Dynamo Battery-free Emergency LED Flashlight (Siren+FM Radio+Cell Phone Charger)
  • Carbon Steel Manual-Release Folding Knife with Clip (21cm Full-Length)
  • Wilderness Survival Steel Detachable Shovel with Compass and Pouch
  • Walkie Talkie 2-Pack Set (5KM Range)
  • Stainless Steel Foldable Travellers Spork with Nylon Pouch
  • Aluminum Alloy Carabiner Clip (5-Piece Pack/Assorted Colors)
  • 10×25 Field Binocular
  • Solar Panel (0.8W) Self-Recharge 750mAh 4.5V~9V USB Backup Battery *Complete Kit* (Silver)
  • Black PVC Stripe/Shutter Shades
  • Solar Powered Waterproof Digital Stopwatch Sport Wristwatch with EL Back Light (Yellow)
  • Double Eagle Plastic 6mm Caliber Spring-load BB Gun
  • Advanced 9-Piece Set Lock Picks
  • HONEST Extra Large Butane Jet Torch
  • Magnesium Fire Starter Survival Tool with Fire Sparkle
  • High Temperature Tape (20mm 200-C)
  • Stainless Steel Katanas with Stand (27/35/40cm 3-Katana Set)
  • 13-LED Camping Illumination Light (3xAAA)

Image: drivenbyboredom

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