Modular Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam:  Live noodling on the Serge Modular, Modcan/Cyndustries Modular synthesizers.

Patch details below.

via droomusic2010:

Lead is 1 VCO through Serge Bandpass filter controlled by the touch plate (TKB) with filter, vibrato, and release triggering set up Other analog sequencers (including a Milton) control basslines, other melodies, and percussion.

All of this is done live on these monster analog modular synths, no overdubs. 28 VCOs in this patch.

I used enough banana cables to choke a horse. The room got very warm.

3 thoughts on “Modular Synth Jam

  1. I wonder (as a keyboard player) how difficult it is to learn to play such a touch plate input device. Looks and more so sounds pretty expressive and all with just one hand instead of two for keyboard and pitch bend wheel. Anyway: Amazing ambient jam, I wish I had the money (and space) to buy such a giant modular system. 28 VCOs, holy shit!

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