$10 App Turns iPad Into A Tenori On

VJ Franzk offers his unique, glowing take on Aurora Sound Studio HD, a new matrix synth for the iPad.

VJFranzk calls Aurora Sound Studio HD “a full on Tenori type experience for the great price of $10!”

Here’s part 2, in which VJ Franzk demonstrates putting together a basic track with Aurora Sounds Studio HD:

13 thoughts on “$10 App Turns iPad Into A Tenori On

  1. The promise of this app is the reason I sold my Tenori-On and bought an iPad. Thank you, Franzk, this is perfect!!!!

  2. The HD version is not out in the store yet…I jumped the gun without looking. I hope this version updates to the HD version once it comes out!!!!

  3. Very cool. If I had an iPad I'd definitely give this a go.

    I use a Tenori-On, along with many other "tangible" and space control devices. As a Tenori-On player, the one thing that the iPad can't replicate is the tactile feedback I get as I drag my fingers across the note trigger buttons and the function buttons on the side. As I put more hours into using the Tenori-On as a controller I've really started counting on this – especially in "solo mode". Without even looking at the device I can feel my way around and I've memorized distances, just like you would do when playing a piano-like controller. Also, you can't see the lights from the opposite side like on Tenori-O W.

    I acknowledge that Tenori-On isn't for everyone and can see that this certainly has the potential take take a bite out of Tenor-On sales. I think the upside the app is going to get matrix sequencing into more people's hands.


  4. Mark – good points.

    I'm intrigued by these new iPad apps, but the gap seems to be lack of hardware MIDI support. Seems like Line 6 or somebody was working on an iPhone MIDI controller but I haven't seen anything about this for the iPad.

    Maybe we shouldn't be thinking about this as an either or thing but looking more at getting these new tools to work together better.

  5. I agree 100%! One of the reason I've not used iPhone apps much to date is that whatever you create gets trapped inside the device. Integrating back into my rig (Live) can be a lot of steps. If I could just conceptually drag a set to the iPad and drag it back that would be a game changer! I fantasize that Ableton is secretly working on an iPad app that will allow this.


  6. I did the same thing myself…after two years of owning the tenori-on and only 1 firmware update that addressed "swing"….and seeing the possibilities of touch screen apps, and with the ipad to be released…i just knew that the tenori-on would not only be on the ipad…but also but much more flexible and updates would be more of a realistic idea…fuck yea

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