FL Studio Tutorial Videos

This collection of FL Studio tutorial videos cover:

  • Getting started with FL Studio
  • Using the FL Studio step sequencer
  • Mixing
  • Using samples
  • Using the riff machine
  • Arranging patterns in FL Studio
  • Automation
  • Production techniques
  • Kick-Bass sidechain
  • MIDI recording
  • FL Studio effects

In addition to basic usage and some more advanced production tips, the FL Studio tutorial series also looks at some basic music theory and how it applies to production in FL Studio.

6 thoughts on “FL Studio Tutorial Videos

  1. Although my main DAW is Ableton Live I'm always interested in tutorials and example video's about other DAW's because there is always something to learn and pick up. And who knows; you might even spot options which make you wonder 'gee, that would be easy to have'.

    Alas; I get a very awkward feeling that this tutorial has a lot of filler. 5 minutes into the first tutorial and so far I haven't seen swat about FL studio; only heard a dance track for several minutes (without actually showing anything about FL studio like, say, like an intro) and when the tutorial finally starts he goes on about his previous stuff and about how you need FL studio and that you should buy it….

    Maybe I'm too impatient; I'll leave it running for a while longer, but if this is an example of what is to come I fear its going to be a long and very boring tutorial.

  2. I found the tutorials to be easy to follow and extremely helpful. Picked up quite a few tips that I did not know before. Thank you!

    SynthFan, I'm quite sure ste1438 will consider your suggestions when he makes future tutorials. Kainzow, shame on you for your spam post. ste1438's videos are available for free.

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