7 thoughts on “Sound Design, With Vodka

  1. Sure you need new gear.. For people who have Reason 4 this may be another reason (no pun intended) to upgrade to 5. With 5 you can create a quick sample and use them like this, not so with 4.

    As to the music itself; not bad at all.Sure, it may sound 'simple' but I think thats also the beauty of it. Esp. within the given ('drunk') context. Fact is that Reason can make this whole process of sampling and using /very/ simple.

  2. i agree. calling this sound design is not exactly accurate. it also seems a little pretentious (or perhaps ignorant?)…drunk or sober.

  3. I'd like to see people come up with versions for all the major adult beverages.

    When we get to Tiki Drinks, that's when things will get really interesting.

  4. I have been meaning to make a track with all samples of non-traditional musical stuff around the house…. i spend too much time meaning to do things and not actually doing them. :/

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