Sick Drum ‘n’ Bass Live Jam

Sunday Synth Jams: Nigel Sifantus is back with another sick drum ‘n’ bass jam:

From No Service Required Records, Progtonica brings you “Introspective A.D.D. Galaxy” A blazing all solo and live produced and deconstructed drum n bass track using Ableton Live, The Novation Launchpad to control the remixing, and a Roland SPD-30 to play the sick drum beats live with additional V-drum triggers. This is the first Progronica production since the recent creation of the ‘Futuristic One Man Dum Ninja Band ‘Pod’”.

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5 thoughts on “Sick Drum ‘n’ Bass Live Jam

  1. fek, did he record this with mud on the mic ??

    But seriously, why has this been brought to the attention of musicians?

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