Hollow Sun Intros Oscillosine – ‘The Sound Of A Past Future’

Hollow Sun has introduced Oscillosine, a new virtual instrument based on the sound of a vintage tube Hewlett Packard sine wave test oscillator, estimated to date back to the 50s or 60s, maybe earlier.

Oscillosine uses Kontakt’s modular synthesis facilities to create a compact sonic laboratory machine. According to Hollow Sun, Oscillosine is capable of producing sci-fi and vintage electronica blips and bleeps and klings and klangs and drones and squeals as well as smooth pads, solid sub-basses, mellow leadlines, etc., suitable for more modern musical genres.

The user interface is modezled on an old Tektronics oscilloscope. Audio demos are available at the Hollow Sun site.

What does it sound like?

Hollow Sun says:

With careful settings, it’s possible to create pseudo-arpeggios and sequences but otherwise, it’s possible to create sounds that could have come from a VCS3 or Buchla or from the soundtrack of the 50’s movie, ‘Forbidden Planet’ … warm, organic and temperental and unpredictable sounds.

There are also ring mod and FM functions to create discordant sounds which can be modulated and mangled by the multi-wave LFO and so on. The possibilities are almost endless.

Audio demos are available at the Hollow Sun site.

Note: Hollow Sun recommends, for safety reasons, that you wear a white lab coat when operating Oscillosine.

Pricing and availability for Oscillosine are to be announced.

3 thoughts on “Hollow Sun Intros Oscillosine – ‘The Sound Of A Past Future’

  1. I think it's wonderful that someone seems to be using the scripting ability in Kontakt to create a custom instrument. There are enough multi-GB piano and string libraries already. Something unique and a bit off the beaten path is very good thing.

    Can't wait to hear what else he comes up with and to see the price of this thing.

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