Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer Gets Updated MIDI Support

Line 6 MIDI MobilizerLine 6 has announced new features and an updated SDK (software development kit) for the MIDI Mobilizer, enabling key new features for the platform’s developer community.

The SDK supports MIDI System Real Time messages such as MIDI Clock, which allows an app to sync to an external hardware drum machine or a sequencer running on a computer — or vice versa, the drumbox or sequencer can sync to the app.

Available apps include MIDI control surfaces, synths, sequencers and complete music production software as well as DMX lighting control software. Recent additions include NLogSynth Pro with 126 synth sounds, StepPolyArp which is a step MIDI arpeggiator and NanoStudio which is a virtual recording studio.

The Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer retails for around $69.99.

via Line 6, Matrixsynth

3 thoughts on “Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer Gets Updated MIDI Support

  1. There's no advantage any longer to the Line6 MM as far as the iPad goes. None. The CCK has blown it's doors off. More and more apps are supporting the CCK and not Line6.

    They shouldn't have made it proprietary, and instead just made a nice robust USB to MIDI cable.


  2. Actually there are some advantages. IIRC, the CCK is only for the iPad (not iPhone or Touch). Also, it requires you to have a midi device which most likely will need it's own power supply, since the CCK doesn't put out a lot of juice. The Mobilizer is small, portable, and doesn't need any extra power supplies. At 30$, the CCK isn't a whole lot cheaper, especially if you have to buy a MIDI device to work with it.

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