M-Audio Venom Synthesizer – What’s It Sound Like?

Craig Anderton put together this M-Audio Venom synthesizer audio demo video.

The video may cause seizures, but the audio portion of it offers a good sampling of the sound of the Venom synth.

While M-Audio hypes the vintage audio angle in its promo materials for the Venom, to my ears its real strength is the character of its digital grittiness.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

4 thoughts on “M-Audio Venom Synthesizer – What’s It Sound Like?

  1. I think this synth represents everything a modern synth needs to be… it's affordable, portable, integrates with a computer, and has a good range of quality sound capability. For people who want hardware, this is positioned to be a big seller.

    And yeah, that video was hard to watch!

  2. I am looking for a substitute to my Novation X-Station 61 (synth + audio card + multi-effect + midi controller), but Venom doesn't seem to be the candidate: only 49 keys, too few controls, maybe it has killer sounds but no aftertouch and no XY touch panel.
    I wonder why Novation doesn't update X-Station.

  3. i bought one and immediately returned it. the audio interface did not work on my mac properly, the knobs were shitty, and the editor was poorly made.
    i bought a novation ultranova and am blown away by it.

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