MeeBlip Synthesizer Kits On Sale For $59

Meeblip kit

Meeblip “hacker” kits are on sale through the end of March for $59:

Yup, you read that right. Our DIY “solder it yourself” board kits are on sale for $59 until March 31st (the discount is applied automatically in the shopping cart).

It’s our way of saying thanks for making MeeBlip a massive success. Each kit ships with v1.05 firmware and dual power options — install USB or 9VDC power components (or both). A USB cable is included, or pick up one of our snazzy 650mA 9VDC regulated wall warts.

The Full Board Kit includes the circuit board, components, programmed microcontroller and knobs. A bare USB-powered breakout circuit board from the cased version is included to make it easier to mount rear panel connectors in a case.
Does not include a case or panel overlays — that part is up to you. Be sure to share photos of your creations in the forum!

The MeeBlip, a project of CDM & James Grahame (Reflex Audio), is designed to be an inexpensive, open alternative to the current crop of hardware synths.

See our earlier post on the Meeblip synthesizer for audio and video demos.


11 thoughts on “MeeBlip Synthesizer Kits On Sale For $59

  1. I like the more affordable – but the case and front panel that come with the $129 version look pretty sweet, too.

  2. Thanks, guys. We're including a bare USB daughter board from the cased version to make it easier to install audio, power and MIDI in a case, too.

    As of Thursday afternoon, we have only 26 left in stock — didn't expect quite this much interest!

  3. We ship to the UK, just select United Kingdom in the shopping cart. Postage is a bit expensive ($18.83) because Canada Post is evil.

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