Rebecca Black’s Friday (TI-99/4A / C128 / 2600 Cover Version)

Here’s another 8-bit take on Rebecca Black’s Friday – a TI-99/4A / C128 / 2600 cover version:

Beats were done with Synthcart on an Atari 2600 (Sears Telegames version.) All the rest of the music (as well as the little bits of computer generated graphics) is from a Commodore 128 using Cynthcart v1.1. Vocals by the TI-99/4A with Speech Synthesizer and Terminal Emulator II cartridge. The pitch of the vocals is as produced by the TI, then the words were arranged in the appropriate rhythm. Please forgive the TI’s poor enunciation, he has terrible mood swings.

via niceandgames:

The TI-99/4A is really having an identity crisis. He said he really loved this new song he heard, that it spoke to him and wanted to record a version of it. I told him that we don’t have the time or budget to do it fully, but we managed to throw together a shorter version of the tune. Luckily Commodore 128 and Atari 2600 were there to help out.

Hopefully this small video will be enough to placate the TI for a while.

[The end scene of this video relates to the TI’s personality as shown in my December 2010 holiday video. In case anyone was wondering what that was all about. 🙂 ]


This video was done for fun (fun! fun! fun!), and not to be mean spirited. “Friday” is a silly but harmless little song that hasn’t hurt anybody, despite some of the reactions to it. 🙂


TI-99/4A font obtained from:

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