Altair 4 – The SciFi Sounds Lab (Sneak Preview)

H.G. Fortune has announced a new synth, Altair 4 – The SciFi Sounds Lab.

According to the company, the Altair 4 is for “spacey & wobbly stuff, drones and scapes i.e FX-sounds, and it is quite good at doing bell like sounds, too”. It’s inspired by the 1956 soundtrack to Forbidden Planet, by Louis and Bebe Barron.


  • 2 oscillators with two soundsources with one (B) driving the other (A) to resonate; each oscillator with three mod inputs and extensive control options
  • 3 LFO: L1 (7 waves) with key restart on first key pressed, L2 (8 waves) and phase modulation,- L3 (7 waves) with optional modulation by sub LFO;
  • 2 hidden LFO: L12 = mix of L1 and L2, L13 = mix of L1 and L3;
  • 1 Sample & Hold (6 modes);
  • 1 VCA with AR EG (with pan for undelayed sound at Rev section);
  • 1 Main Volume with level control: fixed, Velocity, and even Aftertouch, or Wheel;
  • 1 Delay (bpm synced) and dedicated pan
  • 1 Bass Boost
  • 1 Reverb with predelay
  • 1 Hold button to hold last played key
  • 1 Joypad with 3 balls to control 6 destinations

Altair 4 will be available “soon” for 19 Euro, as introductionary offer until May, 15th 2011. The regular price will be 29 Euro. A demo version is now available.

If you’ve tried Altair 4, leave a comment with your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Altair 4 – The SciFi Sounds Lab (Sneak Preview)

  1. Great stuff!They have a cool collection of synths on their webpage,I am going to investigate further.
    Played a bit with the Altair 4 last night and its really wild-for my work as Logan 5 the sci-fi style is perfect!

  2. Oscillosine is very nice, but Altair-4 is much more complex. This is a great little gem for lover’s of old science fiction sound tracks. Lot’s of fun to play with, too!

    Thanks, my hat’s off to HG!!

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