Getting Started With MLRV, A Free Grid-Based Sample Instrument

Free Music Software: This video, via lividTV, takes a look at getting started with MLRV – a free grid-based sample instrument – with the Livid Block or Ohm64.

It’s also compatible with the monome, Novation Launchpad and other controllers.

If you’re not familiar with MLRV, here’s the official summary:

mlrv is a sampling instrument for grid-based music contollers like the monome, livid ohm/block, novation launchpad, and akai apc/mpd. the software allows a sound file or live recording to be mapped across each row and assigned a triggering behavior. within this simple set of constraints and a complete MIDI + OSC remote control system, the performer of electronic music can be freed from the laptop, and at the very least appear to be doing something interesting. mlrv is an refactoring of brian crabtree’s original mlr, extended by trent gill (galapagoose) and michael felix (%) of /parallelogram/e

You can download MLRV here.

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