Wake Up To Dubstep Scrambled Eggs

It’s good to start the day with a healthy breakfast – so the guys from Project NOD share their recipe for Dubstep Scrambled Eggs.

Not everybody has a taste for dubstep, though, so we’re hoping that others will share their own recipes for things like Hip-Hop Huevos, Berlin School Biscuits or maybe even Glitch Granola.

viaΒ Manny Calavera in the electronic music forum

13 thoughts on “Wake Up To Dubstep Scrambled Eggs

  1. Geez, quit whining about dubstep already, seriously – what's wrong with you guys? Can't you just enjoy music or make something by yourself instead of looking on something by "angst glasses"?

  2. The dubstep we often hear in this and other videos is a hyperbolic stereotype, and it makes me smile because it's funny — and points to the self-collapsing unsustainability of genre labels. It's as absurd as thinking the Jersey Shore cast is representative of Italian-Americans. If you want to be part of the solution, make dubstep that doesn't sound like this and be happy with your creation. Then nothing can ruin that for you.

    BTW, Projekt Nod refer to themselves as "post-dubstep" on their bio, and I think that's a pretty tongue-in-cheek, self-aware thing to observe.

    In a parallel world, there's an SNL-like sketch comedy show totally based around synth humor like this. I'm serious. πŸ˜‰

    Next, Projekt NOD can invite Beardyman on as their guest sous-chef:

    [youtube 8VLFS8IdsXI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VLFS8IdsXI youtube]


  3. Yeah – these guys are having fun and inviting us to have a bit, too.

    Not sure what category Beardyman falls into……

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