How To Create A Logic Pro Template

This video covers how to create a Logic Pro template – a reusable Logic song file that you can use as a starting point for your new songs or recordings.

It covers how to:

  • Customize Logic Pro 8 for your recording hardware and purpose
  • Use groups to reign in your many inputs
  • Use busses to set up routing once and for all
  • Create your own screen sets and quit mousing around

via sam_square

11 thoughts on “How To Create A Logic Pro Template

  1. What about a Logic 9 template? That should be light years ahead of 8. I happen like love 7, despise 8, and am learning to like 9.

  2. Yeah, it'd be nice to see a Logic 9 Template tutorial, but one that would build on this knowledge instead of duplicating it. I reckon there's probably some more stuff you can instruct people to do for their Logic Template (such as the fact that any screenset with the Arranger can have a different set of left-click / cmd-click tools, that every screenset's Arranger's Piano Roll can have a different setting for Midi Out etc, and delve more into Audio Bin / Sample Editor behaviour.)

    I kind of only grabbed "oh, so you can define default region colours per track" out of this, the rest of the 28 minutes was spent waiting. But if you have never heard of any of these functions, it's a good tutorial, and thanks for adding to the list of Logic Template Tutorials

  3. Yeah, it's not really an advanced lesson – more to introduce the concept and show some examples. For many people, some simple time savers can create huge time savings and as a result, get them making music faster and more often. That's what templates mean to me.

    Based on how you work I'm sure you could take the concept to a level that suits you.

    Thanks for watching, glad you picked up at least one tip 🙂

  4. Also, this was made when 8 was out, so that's why not 9 – however most everything if not everything still applies, plus all your favorite new stuff from 9.

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