Best Of Musikmesse 2011: The Schmidt Analog Synthesizer

The Schmidt Analog Synthesizer

What’s the best new synth introduced at Musikmesse 2011?

That’s what we asked – and over the last two weeks, 758 readers weighed in – choosing the Schmidt Analog Synthesizer as the hottest synth introduced at this year’s show.

The Schmidt Analog Synthesizer is a big muscle car synth that has no ship date and that will probably be prohibitively expensive. Nevertheless, the combination of real analog sound, massive synth power and a knob for everything makes the Schmidt irresistible. It was the reader favorite, by a wide margin.

Here are the five synths that you voted the Best of Musikmesse 2011:

  1. Schmidt Analog Synthesizer 40.5% (307 votes)
  2. Korg Monotribe Analog Ribbon Station 26.78% (203 votes)
  3. Roland Jupiter 80 11.21% (85 votes)
  4. Yamaha MOX 6/8 4.49% (34 votes)
  5. Elektrokosmos Kosmonaut 3.83% (29 votes)

It’s not that surprising to see Korg, Roland and Yamaha among the top five. What is a bit surprising is that readers picked two boutique synths, the Schmidt and the Elektrokosmos Kosmonaut among the Best of Musikmesse.

Readers affirmed their interest in analog gear, too, picking three analog synths among the Best of the show.

Beyond the five synths above, there were strong introductions from Vermona, MFB, Nord and others. All in all, Musikmesse 2011 offered a good collection of announcements for synth fans.


10 thoughts on “Best Of Musikmesse 2011: The Schmidt Analog Synthesizer

  1. What? How did Roland get in there? That’s it, I’m quitting Synthtopia! Oh, Ah, the Roland marketing team, that explains it, OK… I’m not leaving then.

  2. Maybe some of us voted not for "awesomeness" but for reality. I doubt this thing will ever be produced. If it is none of us will ever be able to afford one. Trent Reznor, Rhodan Rudess and Deadmau5 might own one. At over $20,000? Not us.

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