New DJ App For Mac, Windows, djDecks

DJ Decks software

djDecks 1.0 is now available for Windows and as a public beta for Mac users.

Updates in djDecks 1.0

  • Large part of the program rewritten from scratch.
  • Support for Video and Karaoke files added.
  • Improved browser, playlist, autoplay, search and logging.
  • Support for various controllers added.
  • Performance improvements.
  • More flexible audio engine: mix ASIO, WASAPI and DirectSound devices.
  • Skin engine now hardware accelerated using DirectX.

djDecks 1.00 is available to to download and try for free. A Windows authorization key is 80 EUR.

4 thoughts on “New DJ App For Mac, Windows, djDecks

  1. i have actually use this software and maybe the default interface is a bit weird looking but there is a lot of features … the software also uses skins so you can make it look like you what you want…

    there is all the customization through the software and the download of skins on the site, also compatible with dexs skins

    the software wont be about looks .. its more about sounds !!

    devo uk

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