Acid Tracks (Live Techno Jam)

Sunday Synth Jam: A live techno jam, based on the techno classic Acid Tracks, via 2cv:

what you hear is the TR-707. TR-727 and the TB-303. As per the original everything is drenched in reverb and I added a very slight tube distortion on the TB-303 since on the original recording it sounds a little driven.

Sure this jam is not 100% perfect but certainly very close, enjoy!

Phuture’s original Acid Tracks (1987) helped create the acid house genre.

2 thoughts on “Acid Tracks (Live Techno Jam)

  1. Very nice, well done and nice to here the 727……….well done , nice raw acid house. Not overproduced bland house music………………..keep music fucked up!!!!

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