Ztar + Native Instruments Prism

Starr Labs has been publishing a series of videos on YouTube that demonstrate using the company’s Ztar controllers with various electronic music apps.

In the latest video, Jacques looks at some creative ways to control Native Instruments Prism synth. Using a Starr Labs Ztar, you can control any number of parameters found within this soft-synth, such as decay, harmonic ratios, delays, FX, tempos etc. Jacques programmed the touch pads, ribbon, joystick, and volume knob to interact with Prism.

More examples are available at the Starr Labs YouTube page.

Note: Some serious room tone on these videos is a distraction.

2 thoughts on “Ztar + Native Instruments Prism

  1. Not a very interesting comment, but makes me want to respond that perhaps the video wasn't meant to 'make WE want to buy one'. Personally, videos like this simply inform me of the possibilities of what these type of MIDI instruments can do. It certainly shows that a Ztar can be far more expressive than a simple MIDI guitar controller. So many persons want a plug and play type instrument that 'does' the music for them, rather than practicing, programming, playing, and performing with the instrument to create ones music. I suppose they could have made a slick flashy hyper edit video full of music overdubs to try and sell this product….but those types of videos have a name: Advertisements.

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