Analogue Solutions Telemetry (Mini Vostok) Analogue Synthesizer

This is a video demo of the Analogue Solutions Telemetry (Mini Vostok) Analogue Synthesizer. 

Key Features of the Telemetry synthesizer:

  • Pure analogue voice circuitry
  • Patch points to allow more sound types, and to cross-patch with your modular synths
  • Mini Pin Matrix patch panel to eliminate the use of some patch cables
  • Plenty of modulation possibilities
  • Rugged steel construction
  • MIDI In for software sequencer / keyboard control


  • MIDI-CV converter: pitch, auxiliary CV outputs, and Gate.
  • VCO1: CV In, PW In, Sawtooth Out, Square Out.
  • VCO2: CV In, PW In, Sync In, Saw Out, Square Out, 3x Sub VCO Outs.
  • VCLPF: 2x Sig In, 2x CV In, VCA CV In, Sig Out. Moog style transistor ladder filter.
  • VC LFO1: Saw, Inverted Saw, Square, Triangle outs, Freq CV In.
  • LFO2: Triangle and Square Outs.
  • Sample And Hold: Sig In, Clock In, Sig Out.
  • White Noise
  • Envelope: Trig In, Normal and Inverted Outputs. EMS style repeat feature.
  • X/Y non-sprung Joystick
  • 10×10 signal matrix Patch Panel
  • 10 Shorting pins included

The Analogue Solutions Telemetry is priced at £1099 exc. tax & delivery. Details at the Analogue Solutions site

via rezfilter:

Here’s a look at the Analogue Solutions Telemetry (mini vostok) synthesizer.

This video features various sound types from the Telemetry synthesizer, each within a musical context (beats added). All synthesizer sounds come from the Telemetry and all of the sounds were tweaked live in the video, and recorded direct.

Given the vast open-ended nature of Telemetry (pin matrix, patching), the sound possibilities are immense and virtually limitless. If you want to go nuts sonically, Telemetry is for you!

The video is roughly 10 minutes and barely scratches the surface.

Some sounds were sequenced or played live via MIDI, while others were triggered via the Uewerkuer “Ice Machine Sequencer” [ Oberkorn MK3 ].

As usual, all patches, music, and tunes are 100% original.


13 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Telemetry (Mini Vostok) Analogue Synthesizer

  1. Now tt's what I call a promo video – no BS talking, just sounds and sexy close-ups. Excellent. (Apart from the tune at the end – lose it, guys.)

  2. Now that's what I call a promo video – no BS talking, just sounds and sexy close-ups. Excellent. (Apart from the tune at the end – lose it, guys.)

  3. I've had one for about 3 months now… I'd honestly recommend anyone thinking about it to consider just buying a euro-rack modular. The telemetry sounds great, but shorting pin matrices are known to go bad over time, and it's much more fun to use modular planner and build something personalized.

    It might cost a few hundred more, but you could get 6u (expandability), uniqueness, better build quality (depending on manufacturer), and a MUCH MORE POWERFUL SYNTH! (insert maniacal laughter here)

    plus, hours spent using/masturbating with the modularplanner site are never wasted.

  4. I like that putney style matrix as well! This is going to get soooo expensive.

    This is exactly an example how GAS develops.

  5. Where did you buy it 3 months ago? Kind of an odd series of comments actually! This machine is a great combo of modules at this price. Not everyone wants a full-blown modular. Pin Matrices don't go out. Where have you heard this?? Early ARP 2500s had crosstalk issues due to the antiquated hardware, but we mustn't compare old apples and modern oranges. Do you own the modularplanner site? lol

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