Practical Max, With Matthew Davidson – ‘An Embarrassing Amount Of Fun’

Cycling ’74 has teamed up with Matthew Davidson (Stretta) on a new video series, Practical Max:

Cycling 74 debuts a new video series in which I demonstrate some practical uses of Max and share the patches I make.

In this first episode, I’m exploring what can be done with some inexpensive piezo mic elements and Tristan Jehan’s analyzer~ external.

But really, I’m just having an embarrassing amount of fun.

This is an intriguing start to the series. 

Here’s the second part of the first episode, which takes a look at what’s going on, behind the scenes, in the first video.

Max virgins will benefit from more info on the technical details – and they are available at the Cycling ’74 site.

3 thoughts on “Practical Max, With Matthew Davidson – ‘An Embarrassing Amount Of Fun’

  1. As much as I love Max; I disliked this vid with the same passion.

    …that was; until I discovered the second part, see this:

    [youtube 1bT8LjyKNuw youtube]

    IMO they should have combined it. The first video was nothing special; especially not something which would made you think "oh, that's awesome; must be done with a very special toolkit!". At least IMO.

    The second vid makes up for it IMO. Max may not have the "looks" (when compared with Synthmaker for example) but it sure packs some power 🙂

  2. SynthFan – fair enough!

    I added the second half to the post so others wouldn't miss it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. The first video really reminds me of the Wavedrum Mini demo.
    After seeing the second video, I'd say this is cooler!
    Controlling a synth with a tray sounds like a ton of fun

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